Linda probably may be right. I also want to ask u not to be...

Dr. Bernadin Fleurima - November 17 2008, 2:48 PM

Linda probably may be right.

I also want to ask u not to be upset.

I understood all you said but my point remained the same that he is an head of state he deserve respect like Bush or any others.

If u upset because of his performance u vote hime out;but do not give this man any reason continue to disrespect the president of haiti.

I used to be on this blog, I stopped because I urged the president to look at the status of those who are in the diapora who want to go and serve their country and because they naturalized they coul not. Guest what i received so much threat from haitian brothers.

I want u to know it is time whereby we can have an honest discussion without call each other names and show respects.

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hi president kaka

kolanget manmanw pou payi a ou kraze ya. djol santi

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