Well, tell me why we had to pay to France to recognize our...

Llyod Benneth Le Bourru - November 17 2008, 5:13 PM

Well, tell me why we had to pay to France to recognize our independance?Were we
affraid that they would come back andtake over the island.

It would have been a blessing.

Although that i respect your opinion but look at Martinique and la Guadeloupe that probably Port-au -Prince is larger territorialy than both, we are begging to emigrate there.

If we fail to understand that there is
something wrong with us we won't be able to change our home land.Brother, i went back to Haiti thinking that i would have the opportunity to help, guess what the mad dogs that are in charge of Haiti won't let anyone do anything positive to help with jobless.All they want is money, they'll kill you. Haiti is extremely hard to do business because of their highest fee in the caribean.

Look, my brother, we never have any of our leader that have a plan to change things in haiti.How would you feel if the dominican republic invade our country and make the Palestine of central america?We don't have an army and Un won't help us because you know who run the UN.The dominicans are waiting for Un to leave so they could move in.

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LLoyd, it will have a great economical impact and...


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