Haiti have been transparently occupied by the US.they are...

Llyod Benneth Le Bourru - November 17 2008, 5:55 PM

Haiti have been transparently occupied by the US.they are doing in a way to
the world how naive that we are.It's about time that we show the world who is really in charge of Haiti, i say, give it to them and they have to do at least they'll treat Haiti like Porto rico. We don't have anything to loose, just like i said we have for more than 200 years and we can not even feed our people, secure our territory.What is the deal with Labadee?Is it our or theirs?United States is not a multy language country, is a country that allow people
from all over the world to emigrate in search of better life.The main land and official language of the United State is English.

We spent our precious times to learn French, english,spanish, italian so we could go around the world begging.

I remember when i was in secondary school in haiti they used to teach
Latin and Grecque.

We learn about french litterature instead of Algebra, Geometry,Chimistry.We are responsible for our failure.

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So Mr. Llod, you think making English the official...


nous parlons creole et francais pas anglais

monsieur le president, n'etes-vous pas fier d'etre haitien? je pense que le but de votre website est d'informer les...

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