Haiti has the highest fees to start any business in the...

Llyod Benneth Le Bourru - November 18 2008, 11:58 AM

Haiti has the highest fees to start any business in the caribean.

Haiti doesn't need donation.

Washington makes us believe that charity would help.Look, i believe in creating jobs instead of having a long line of people waiting for food, clothes and money.When you someone a job it's an investment
to society.

We have been begging for a long time now.It's about time that we
realize that begging won't do it.I'm not blaming anyone, i'm going to see t again.


We need to take control of our security by having our own armed force, police department.

Teaching our kids that is great to be a doctor but there is noting wrong if he's a carpenter, a plumber, a machinist, a farmer etc as long as he or she is doing something to advance his or her country.We've been brainwash into believing that the world bank, US,UN, Red cross etc will take care of us.They promise us $84,000000,our incompetent president cried his heart out they only gave him $1m.It's time for us to get our hands in the mud.We need tractors, agricutural machines and equipment to revive our farms, we need to import foreign teachers for our educational system which i thing that Cuba and Venezuela would help. We need to tell the white folks that control the world bank to aide us with machinery not money

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wrong, wrong, wrong. Its not the people that elect...


Who is responsible for Haiti's misdeed?

Is the people that voted to elect Mr "Incompetent" or Mr Preval himself?I was extremely sad to see Mr Preval crying...

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I love the way you think. Now how can we make a first...

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