Haitians do not speak french

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The biggest challenge of the haitians niggers and the so called dirty light skins who called themselves mulattoes is the idea that this broken jargon, incomprehensible, limited, unreadable, never evoluated, stocked in the past, no syntaxe, no grammar, linguistically null---that they are still blabla in Haiti or outside Haiti is French.

This has got to stop.
We must remind those niggers that no French is spoken in Haiti.

No haitians can carry a conversation for more than 69 seconds without resorting to the less and more colorful creole.

As the matter of facts the anatomy of the haitian mouth is not suitable to pronounce the very evoluated words and diction of the french language.

I feel like throwing up when I see them saying they speak french.

Go to Hell bunch of creole niggers
Please please creole it will be better for the whole nation.

One sevtor will not use the other one thru this stinky jargon of "creofran"

Gren Son Nin, November 25 2008, 1:36 PM

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Gren Son Nin WOW! why so much anger? If I were you I would slow down before you blow a gasket. I also sense a great... read more >
Tiba, 25-Nov-08 5:53 pm
Alors Tiba, Tiba, Tiba!Maudit connard Tu m'as pas fait attendre lontemps pour me fendre la gueule Je t'ai pas... read more >
Gren Son Nin, 25-Nov-08 8:31 pm
gren Ne me dire pas que tu es un francais, et si tu es, tu representes un vrai embarassement pour tous les francais... read more >
Tiba, 25-Nov-08 9:51 pm
Ne me dire pas.... Alors Tiba pour le bonheur de Dieu. Je t'ai dit pas de "creofran" Mais toi t'as un sacre culot... read more >
Gren Son Nin, 25-Nov-08 10:00 pm
Well now Gren Son Nin, that was really interesting. You criticize Tiba's only mistake, but let's see how you did. I... read more >
Linda, 26-Nov-08 12:12 am
well well well It seems like j'en aurai toute la nuit avec ces bourres d'haitiens En voila une sale negresse or une... read more >
Gren Son Nin, 26-Nov-08 1:22 am
Linda, This is the second or the third time that I have ever written anything in French in 30 years, and I think I did... read more >
Tiba, 26-Nov-08 6:00 am
Hi Gren Sonen, Je sens tes frustrations a l'egard de nos freres et soeurs vivant en France, avec leur dialect importe... read more >
Lavaud Desmoulins, 26-Nov-08 10:31 am
lavaud I really believe that you are the most ingnorant, idiotic moronic uncle Tom that ever live. You and Gren sonen... read more >
Tiba, 26-Nov-08 10:52 am
Mr Lavaud. tes freres, c'est la chiotte. On me l'avait dit Je vais pas me decarcasser pour leur faire comprendre... read more >
Gren Son Nin, 26-Nov-08 9:22 pm
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