Well now Gren Son Nin, that was really interesting. You...

Linda - November 26 2008, 12:12 AM

Well now Gren Son Nin, that was really interesting.

You criticize Tiba's only mistake, but let's see how you did. I should tell you that I had a real good laugh reading your French.

1. You said: "Tu m'as pas fait attendre lontemps."

Hey fellow bloggers, let's count how many mistake our so called French speaker made in just that one sentence.

I count two; yes in that short little sentence.

Hey Gren you see them yet?

I doubt it. So here, let me help you.

Anyone who really speaks French would know that, although one says "Tu m'as pa fait" you don't write it like that, because although the "ne" is silent, when written it should be "tu ne ..." or it becomes a liaison with the word "tu" and the "'n."

So your sentence should really read "Tu ne m'as pas" or you can make a liaison between Tu and "'n."

To know that you would have to have learn how to read and write French grammar as a child.

Those are the little tricks of the language that those who learn to speak it as adults or teenagers don't know about.

2. In that same sentence you spelled "lontemps." Well my dear, only one who is familiar with writing French might know that there is a silent "g" in that word.


I mean, after all you did pick on Tiba's only mistake.


3.You said: "Tes mecs ici, connard Tiba- c'est une casse -tete."

OK every blogger, tell him what you see...

"Tes mecs" being plural and all should not be with "c'est une" which is singular.

Hey Gren can you fix it?

Let me know if you can't figure it out. I'll type it for you. Come on...slowly we go: "ce sont des casse-tetes." Seeee, that wasn't so hard.



4. You said: "Tous comme vous, de crasseux, degueulasse guindes beaucoup plus interesses dans l'aide"

OK, this one had me rolling on the floor.

A small little advice to you Grin, if you're going to try and insult someone in French, I suggest you first learn how to write the language.

There are too many mistakes in that one for me to fix the whole thing.

TO SUMMARIZE: What I've concluded from reading your pathetic racist attempt at insulting Haitian people, is that you are probably just some poor white fellow or poor white girl with a dead-end job, and although you are white and had all the advantages, you were not able to make it in the US or in France where you've only lived as an adult.

So, I can only laugh hilariously at you, as I don't think you are worthy of any true argument.

I mean, boy, I have not written French since I was a kid, and I still remember the basics; why would I pay attention to a racist pretender?

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