Linda, This is the second or the third time that I have ever...

Tiba - November 26 2008, 6:00 AM


This is the second or the third time that I have ever written anything in French in 30 years, and I think I did much better than Gren, the French wannabe.

I did not want to waste my time correcting his/her French like you just did other to say that my 2 year old niece speaks a much better French than he/she ever could.

Linda, if you pay a closer attention to Gren's French ability you would notice that he/she is not really a French, although he/she would like to think so. I don't even think he/she is white.

My guess is, Gren is one of those immigrants living in France in government housing project and being taking care for by the government.

It sounds as if he/she was/is an abused, mistreated person with no friends, but who has a profound hatred against Haitians who seem to be doing very well in France.

And, my advice to you, gren, is to 1) go see a psychologist for counseling 2) register for some evening classes to get educated and 3) join a career training program in order to get the skills needed that would help you get a job.

And please, Linda, I beg you not to waste anymore of your precious time aguing with this pathetic moron, by doing so we are validating his/her stupidity.

For me, not one more word out of my mouth!

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Well now Gren Son Nin, that was really interesting...


Haitians do not speak french

The biggest challenge of the haitians niggers and the so called dirty light skins who called themselves mulattoes is...

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