Haiti's Plight

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I just to conceptualize that Haiti needs his sons and daughters to contribute and puts it on its feet. I feel very demeaning when there is a problem in Haiti, or when there is a decision to be made on behalf of the country, foreigners always tethering their nose into the country's business.

It is a simple analogy.

Haitians needs to follow the example of Israel or we can adopt the quote of "JFK" Don't ask the country what i'll do for you, rather you should ask yourself what can you do for the country.

Mr Prezidan with all due respect.

We need to practice a political inclusiveness in Haiti, otherwise the country will still remain under the grips of these foreign countries.

Mr Prezidan, I attended a luncheon with you at the Deauville in 2006. I completely understood your speech.

I understood the quagmire that you were in, however: I beseech you to use the media to educate the people, promote Haiti elsewhere.

Come up with a plan where Haitians that are leaving overseas can contribute in the advancement of Haiti.

You will need a plan and a strategy to execute your plan. Iam unare of the willingness of those that surround your government.

Meanwhile try to do the greatest good for the greatest number.

Remember that you kill a person, but his idea will live on forever.

I carry Haiti in my heart, iam working with my local from my area, please encourage each and every haitian living abroad to do so. Your job as prezidan should have dinner with them on a tape television program to instill confidence within them. Iam aware that you are trying to modernize the public administration.

On the other hand, there are too many flaws in the system.

You need to make the punishment fit the crime.

Once you start on that part, this can be used as a deterrent and instill fear among those that are wasting the public finances(monies).

Thank you for your time Mr Prezidan.

So long.

Eustaches E. Cella, December 4 2008, 3:51 PM

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Tiba, 4-Dec-08 6:20 pm


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