It is nice to see a man with such a positive attitude like...

Rintintin - December 8 2008, 11:17 AM

It is nice to see a man with such a positive attitude like you, Mr. Josma.However, I do understand Linda's frustration with the inability of Mr Preval to accomplish anything in the country.

He is not the only one to blame for the actual situation in Haiti.

What is the parliament doing for the country?

When is in fact the last time these guys have addressed the problems facing the people?

Face it, Mr Josma, we are doomed.

Unless we can get rid of this entire group of corrupt politicians and replaced them with something new, Haiti will go from bad to worse.

I do hope that your prayers succeed in making a change even though I wouldn't advise you on holding your breath.

If the United States can elect a man named Barack Obama as president, Haiti can theorically change.

I just don't see how.

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