preval is nothing but a real pig

R Auguste - December 10 2008, 4:08 PM

My dear friend, it's been a long time since I have been receiving those important mails from you. However knowing not if you have realized it; I have not responded to mostly none. It just a way of not putting my foot in my mouth because a Man in my position always would give a peice of his thought.

Why are we so supprised of that so call president preval?

The man is worth nothing.

While stealing every possible rock of the country; has he ever come foward with any kind of decision especially when the Haitien people are going through a rough time?

Hell no. Mr so call President is worthless.

Look at what happend in Gonaives, what has he said or done?


An other disaster occured a few weeks ago when we had so many young boys and girls who died, what has he said or done?


As the commander in chief of a country, I frankly cannot understand why must you always be pointing fingers at any other country for not helping you when you should have tried to find and or create a way to resolve any problem of your country.

Until we Haitiens realize that these people are not leaders the country always shall remain in that same situation.

We have a so call president the MF....

is always junk. What can you expect.

And futher more remember that he said if we wanted for somethindg to be done for the country we would'nt vote for him. How more specific do you want the man to be.He is just an other dog from those who have been sucking up the country since the depart of Jean-Claude Duvalier.

I am so sorry to say it: preval is nothing but a real pig.
received via email Nov 12

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