we believe in you preval

Robert Magic St Fleur - April 26 2006, 10:00 AM

I appreciate the way he handled the office in his first term. He is a man with vision and understanding.

After Henry Christophe has died in 1820, Rene Preval is the very first President who thinks about rebuilding the country.

On his first term, he has built many houses for the poor all over the island, and new roads have been constructed under his administration.

This time, I would love him to keep doing the same thing he was doing on his first term:NEW CONSTRUCTIONS, AND NEW ROADS EVERYWHERE ON THE ISLAND.

We also need the President to talk to us, and tell us what he wants in order for country to be built in a decent manner.

The diaspora in USA, Canada, France, and the Haitians on the other Islands are ready to help for a better Haiti.

The President should contact all Pastors and Haitian-Priests in the diaspora in other to collect some money and rebuilt the Country.

President Preval, we love you deeply and know for sure you are going to do a good job for Haiti, for the people, and history will talk about you as the best President Haiti has ever had since 1804.

robert magic st fleur

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