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Tba - December 27 2008, 7:17 PM


What exactly do you propose?

Like Sebastian has been saying all along we need to get organized and stop talking and trying to sound politically correct.

And I agree with him and with you as well. We have to have a well detailed plan that is realistic, practical, and easy to accomplish.

However, we are still talking, and talking and talking, and keep sounding politically correct.

I have been advocating for a BOYCOTT for the longest, unfortunately Haitians do not have the stomach for anything like that.

WE ALL know that the diaspora is the financial back borne of Haiti.

It's been reported that the diaspora transfers money to their love ones back home at an annual amount of 1 trillion dollars, which gives us full and total bargaining leverage to pressure the government for change.

Unfortunately Haitians refuse to use that power to have change in Haiti.

I have called: 1) to stop All transfer of money to Haiti for 3 months as leverage to pressure the government to bring some pressant changes the country badly needs to attract investments such as: security, electricity, road constructions, drinking water, a more modern telecomunication system, judicial reform, etc...


2) To organize a big and powerful protest in front of the Haitian embassy in Washignton to send a clear message to Preval that we need change now, and also in front of UN demanding to lift all economic sanctions imposed on Haiti, and to forgive tHaiti's foreign debts, etc...


3) Haitian diaspora need to request a public forum with both Preval and Michelle Pierre-Louis somewhere in US, which could be held either in Miami, or in New York, or Washignton DC. The diaspora would ask for conscessions with the governement with a firm threat of a financial BOYCOTT (money transfers) if our demands are not met after a certain time, let say for example 6 months.


4) Organize a 3 months mass repatriation to Haiti and protest peacefully on the streets every day in order to force the government to bring changes very quickly.

These have been the tactics that I have been advocating for. These are the things that we, as a people, can do if we really want to see a different Haiti, a better Haiti.

It cannot be done just with one person, but with ALL Haitians.

Unfortunately, the sad thing about it is that Haitians do not have the motivation and the stomach to do any of my suggestions.

They prefer to keep talking and "faire etalage de connaissance" nonstop 24/7.

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