As a passenger on this planet earth we all seem to have...

Jean Batiste - December 30 2008, 4:41 PM

As a passenger on this planet earth we all seem to have opinion but I beg the differ at time. On this particular issue you guys discussing I agree to disagree with many of you guys "please excuse the oxymoron" The only reason our current system doesn't work it's because it has been misapply by our government.

When our government decided to care about its people it will work without a problem.

Haitian living abroad are foreigners and the most you guys can do is send MONEY to your love one and nothing more. However, the French system work but our distributor/minister of education doesn't' appear to get it. The American system will not work in Haiti as the official education system simply because that change would take an enormous amount of time. Haiti has been a Democratic nation for about twenty years now would you guys agrees the transition has not been successful so far?

There is nothing wrong with our beloved country but the only single problem with it is our people/countrymen.

Please do excuse any syntax that might battle your mind.

Jean Batiste
Port de paix, Haiti

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