In a way i agreed with you Jean, but problems need to be...

Ralph Darbouze - December 31 2008, 6:31 AM

In a way i agreed with you Jean, but problems need to be solved from their roots.

Now let us ask ourselves this important question; which Government?

Ok, you and i know it is purely government from the people.

No need to tell you we had all different kind of government, from all group of our society; from the rich, new rich, middle class, intellectual, poor class.

All of them accessed the power.

Mediocrity in...mediocrity out, so in away the root of the problem is not the government...cause that is the name given to the "people" once they cross the gate of power.

Than...hilling the people may give a better government.

People across only send money their love one, never knowledge and that as been the case since we could represent the "Diasporas".

Other nations has been giving money not to bright people for the longest and what they did...was out every $100 only $30 would go to the government "mediocre people" who would in turn take for themselves $20 for their personal needs and if lucky $10 would go toward the country need...nowadays national dept represent the full $100. Is giving money to those who cannot count it and invest it the right ways is a solution?

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