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To those bloggers who have been here for a while and who have read my posts...remember what I said to you. Now watch as it is happening right under our noses.

You see these people screaming for Haiti to have the Haitian government share its management with the UN, WHAT THEY REALLY WANT IS FOR HAITI TO BE TAKEN OVER COMPLETELY BY THE US OR SOME OTHER FOREIGN GOVERNMENT.

They are using soft words like "share management with the UN," but those of us who have seen this type of tactics before know that they are really setting Haiti up for a complete take over. If you remember in many of my previous posts, I told you that that degenerate Preval was not stupid--that he knew exactly what he was doing; that he was deliberately destroying Haiti because that's what he had been paid to do. He was paid to deliberately destroy the country so that a foreign government (most likely the US) can come in under the banner of the UN and completely take over. HAITI WILL NO LONGER BE AN INDEPENDENT NATION AND HAITIANS WILL HAVE TO SUBMIT TO THE LAWS OF A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT.

The sad thing is that the whole thing is being setup right now and Haitians are not doing anything about it. The reason that this will happen with no real opposition is that right now the two dominant types of Haitians left in Haiti want it to happen: FIRST, THE "ELITE" GROUP: The term elite here is put in quotation mark because the new wealthy Haitians are not really an "elite." They are what is usually called "parvenue." People who made money in the past forty or fifty years and moved up the social ladder.

They have no real historical connection to Haiti.

Their ancestors were not Haitian and did not fight for Haiti's freedom either during slavery or during the 1915 American occupation.

So they don't really care about Haiti except as a place to make money and exploit the people.

Unlike the real Haitian elite--those who have strong historical tide to the nation--this new "elite" group will be happy to see a foreign government take over Haiti.

That will make it easier for them to continue to exploit the people.

SECOND, THE POOR MASSES: Preval has made sure that this group--comprising the bulk of the population--is very ready for any foreign government take over. They are illiterate and have no concept of their own history, their children are starving, and they see no prospect of a better future.



Linda, December 31 2008, 11:36 AM

Topic: Haiti bold steps and population control

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