Ralph you have some interesting points. Our problems need to...

Jean Batiste - December 31 2008, 11:55 AM

Ralph you have some interesting points.

Our problems need to resolve from bottom up not from the top down. I'm confident that you have heard about Guy Philip and he said something very interesting in a radio interview a few years back. He said Haiti will not succeed with hand out by the international community.

I agree with that statement and that was the only statement that I agree with during the interview.

As much I would like to say so many negative things toward the international communities; nevertheless, I can't because our beloved nation need them more than they need they us. Remember this statement Ralph, develop nation need as many disarray nations as possible because it's great for business.

Our history is one of kind and shouldn't ever be compared to any Caribbean Islands and in fact shouldn't be compared to some countries as well. Our government is like a chicken with a head because it can't act without approval by the international communities.

Many said it's because of our rich history that's why we are suffering so much and the international communities are making an example out of us. Let's face it, our leaders are in it for themselves not for the people.

The next 200 years will be the same because the only thing we learn from HISTORY IS HISTORY.

I don't believe just because I'm able to speak Creole, English and make my way through French that I can be president.

Ignorance is our biggest fear and we need to start acknowledge our ignorance than the future of our great Island will be that much brighter.

Please do excuse the length of saneness.

Jean Batiste
Port de paix, Haiti

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