Sebastian You, Montresor and many other like youselves are the...

Tba - January 7 2009, 7:01 AM


You, Montresor and many other like youselves are the walking proof of Haitians ignorance, incompetent and mediocrity.

The more Haitians go to college the more they don't know much about anything.

You people need to better educate yourselves and become informed.

1) You said: "Actually, when I went to take the ceremony I was not force to renounce because I was Haitian."

Correction: I never mentioned "ceremony", I said "interview." Do you see the difference?

2) You said: " When U.S. Immigration revoked his citizenship in 2000 and ordered him to be deported to Haiti because of a drug conviction while he was awaiting citizenship."

Correction: You need to read the US constitution and see what it says about naturalized citicenship.

Jean-Baptiste was a "US naturalized and not a US-Born" therefore, when you are a naturalized US citizen it considered as a "Privilege", which gives the government the right to strip you from it for any reason and send you back to your native country.

3) You said: " The Haitian government refused to take him back, saying that Jean-Baptiste renounced his Haitian citizenship when he swore allegiance to the United States in 1996."

Correction: Preval is among the pile of ignorant, uninformed Haitians, he is the chief incompetent and mediocre of the world.

Preval has reacted in a way to humiliated Jean-Baptiste and try to score some points with US pure and simple.

4) You said: "The only way keeping your Haitian citizenship would be your right is if the constitution stated once born Haitian you'll always be Haitian."

Correction: You prove once again your inability to "critical thinking" and therefore your intellectual bankruptcy.

Being born in Haiti of haitians parents that makes you Haitian for life. There is a piece of document purposely crafted by a bunch of morons denying my Haitian citizenship rights as a strategy to keep me out of Haiti's politics, which would guarantee them to stay in power forever.

Haiti is THE only country on the planet with such premitive law/constitution.

Keeping my Haitians citizenship must NOT be a privilege nor a favor to me from the government.

It is my rights to stay Haitian while adopting a foreign citizenship as well.

If the government wants to keep hiding behind a stupid primitive so-called constitution to keep denying me my citizenship rights of my birth country, the government MUST also refuse my hard earned dollars coming to Haiti to feed its people as well.

I don't expect you to understand anything that I just said and mentioned above.

Though one thing I want you to understand is that Knowledge is Power.

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