Oc, I do not want to sound mean but this is the most absurde...

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I do not want to sound mean but this is the most absurde idea. First problem hurricanes will sink the boats each year. How can anybody miss that?

Oc, lague peyi ya poul avance.

Haiti needs people with knowledge.

She needs one of her intelligent men with some good plans! Finally some good plans!

Sebastian, January 7 2009, 11:17 PM

Topic: Execellent move Mr Preval!

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I am now convinced that my beloved country, Haiti Thomas, is really doomed. Listening to this brain dead, brain... read more >
Tba, 7-Jan-09 7:09 am
Yuo will never have the money to build those roads. In using the sea, you will build less road and will get the... read more >
Oc, 7-Jan-09 5:29 pm
Nobody said it would be the sole way to transport people in Haiti. Surely it would bean additional way and a more... read more >
Ctilulu, 7-Jan-09 5:39 pm
Oc Please zip it! you people keep talking about tourism, what tourism are you exactly referring to? Last time I... read more >
Tba, 7-Jan-09 6:28 pm
Ct How many open ports there are in Haiti? And where are they exactly? How much would it cost to build a port in... read more >
Tba, 7-Jan-09 6:44 pm
Oc, I do not want to sound mean but this is the most absurde idea.First problem hurricanes will sink the boats each... read more >
Sebastian, 7-Jan-09 11:17 pm
Listen, we can still move the boats to another location. But Le eboulement ki soti nan mon'n tet kale yo ap desan'n... read more >
Oc, 8-Jan-09 12:23 am
Moun nou besoin fe krye. I can already see the headlines. read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 12:25 am
Smart Indians! You do not need to "build ports". We're talking about Ferries. Of course you will have to make some... read more >
Ct, 8-Jan-09 12:36 am
Se pa paske'l l'ap fet an ayiti ki fe'l pap bon. Li fet toupatou, mem nan Disney Park yo: kombien aksidan'ou tande... read more >
Ct, 8-Jan-09 12:42 am
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