I'll make the point for you again maybe this time you'll get...

Sebastian - January 8 2009, 12:05 AM

I'll make the point for you again maybe this time you'll get it.

Liounel said "IF that was true we should be glad".Do you understand the IF it is hypothetical.

And I answered that I agree with him. All Haitians should be glad IF the US wanted to make us like Puerto Rico. Let me be even more direct no more rambling.

I was trying to tell Haitian people to be careful because when people like Tiba renounced Haiti and took the US citizenship in search of a better life, people like Tiba did not care about Dessalines and pride.

Therefore people like Tiba should not in the name of Dessalines and pride condemn the poor Haitians left behind in misery for dreaming to be part of the US.

And people like Tiba know damn well that at no time they would consider giving up their US citizenship for Haiti.

Therefore people like Tiba should cut the crap with "Haiti cheri pi bel peyi pase ou nan point"

God, I despise cowards, liars and demagogues!

Lague peyi ya pou li avance

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