Of course you "can still move the boats to another location...

Sebastian - January 8 2009, 12:53 AM

Of course you "can still move the boats to another location" just like you move the people out of Gonaives before the Hurricanes.

Mr Preval est si competent.

I guess there are no mountain in Dominican Republic that must be why they are building highways instead of using "kannot".

Seriously won't you feel ashame Dominican Republic is trying to look more and more like America and Haiti is trying to look like ..

I don' know because even Africa is not going backward.

Like I said before se moun nou bezoin fe krye.
Lague peyi ya pou li avance

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Listen, we can still move the boats to another...


Execellent move Mr Preval!

La plupart des grandes villes d'Haïti sont sur les cotes. Alors qu'on parle de problèmes de circulation...

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You have not realize that we cannot compare ouselves...

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