The first tourists are you and I (Diaspora). Than the the...

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The first tourists are you and I (Diaspora).

Than the the local tourists.

Than once you have the mean to transport them safely and confortably from point A to point B, foreigners will come to Haiti ie Eco-tourists, and, the beauty of it is this: Imagine, you would be able to land in PAP, go to Moulin sur Mer by boat, visit Cap Haitien, Jacmel, Cates, Jeremie, Mole St Nicolas, Port de Paix Gonaives, and even go to the Dominican Republic without having to deal with you know what if you had to travel by land...

Oc, January 8 2009, 12:54 AM

Topic: Execellent move Mr Preval!

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Of course you "can still move the boats to another location" just like you move the people out of Gonaives before the... read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 12:53 am
The first tourists are you and I (Diaspora). Than the the local tourists. Than once you have the mean to transport... read more >
Oc, 8-Jan-09 12:54 am
You have not realize that we cannot compare ouselves with the Dominicans. We are too far behind: Even the Indians... read more >
Ct, 8-Jan-09 1:08 am
Disney park, amusement park not as a mean of transportation in order not to build road. They have the Ferry in New... read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 1:09 am
Li pa oblige fet konsa. Se oumem'm ki pa vle ba peyi'a on chance. Nou dwe sispan' panse negatif de prop tet nou. read more >
Ct, 8-Jan-09 1:14 am
I do not think I will take my family on any Haitian boat anytime soon. Mwen pe noye. And by the way you know zenglendo... read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 1:26 am
Please!!! can you imagine how many people died since Duvalier left trying to make the country better? When Aristide... read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 1:46 am
Nope you needed helicopters for that. They always use helicopters. Haitians can do great things we just need great... read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 2:09 am
Have you ever been to Jeremy? or la gonave?When you get a chance try and ask the people how many accident they... read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 2:24 am
That sounds more like a going on cruise to me. Haitians have a funny way to look at things from toe to head instead of... read more >
Tba, 8-Jan-09 8:14 am
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