Please!!! can you imagine how many people died since Duvalier...

Sebastian - January 8 2009, 1:46 AM

Please!!! can you imagine how many people died since Duvalier left trying to make the country better?

When Aristide became president lots of people went back home among them was one of my friend.

He was a detectve in Miami, he went to train the new police force in Haiti.

Guess what happened to him?

Haiti had many chances.

Enough good people died already.

Si se bauxite Haiti genyen que li bay li en echange pou rout ki konnekte PAP avec tout les 9 major villes an Haiti.

Suspan fe travail moun fou and suspan mande charite.

Se pas panse negatif, se admission: We Haitians are a bunch of savages who are killing each others and cannot live together.

We are looking more and more like the Africans.

Let me ask you a question.

Dou you think Haitians are hardworking people?

Response to:

Li pa oblige fet konsa. Se oumem'm ki pa vle ba...


Execellent move Mr Preval!

La plupart des grandes villes d'Haïti sont sur les cotes. Alors qu'on parle de problèmes de circulation...

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