Nope you needed helicopters for that. They always use...

Sebastian - January 8 2009, 2:09 AM

Nope you needed helicopters for that. They always use helicopters.

Haitians can do great things we just need great minds.

Have you heard of Larry Buffet?

They are on Obama's team they are said to be the best in this country.

Let's dream a little, do you think if those guys were Haitian they could come up with a plan to get us out of our economic mess?

You see now, it's Preval that does not know what to do. We keep on going from dumb to dumber.

The man is not qualified and you are routing for him. Let's hope we can find our own Larry summers and Warren buffet and you vote for them in 2011 instead of supporting fools like Preval.

Response to:

You have not realize that we cannot compare ouselves...


Execellent move Mr Preval!

La plupart des grandes villes d'Haïti sont sur les cotes. Alors qu'on parle de problèmes de circulation...

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