That sounds more like a going on cruise to me. Haitians have a...

Tba - January 8 2009, 8:14 AM

That sounds more like a going on cruise to me.

Haitians have a funny way to look at things from toe to head instead of from head to toe.

You and your little fantasy tourism cruise around Haiti will not get tourist to Haiti unless the government lay the ground work for that.

Yes, you're right on that one! you and me, the diaspora are the only type of tourists that frequent Haiti.

There are no local tourists in Haiti.

People cannot eat, but they can find money to get on one of your boats to cruise to "La Gonave" to visit?

When I travel to Haiti, don't expect me to get on one of your boats to get to my destination when it only takes me just one hour by car.

You seem to be in a business (tourism) that you don't seem to know anything about.

Having a fleet of boats ready to cruise people around is not what's going to attract foreigners visiting Haiti.

1) You don't seem to be aware that Haiti has been under a tourist ambargo since since the early 80s. To plainly put it to you so you can understand, countries like United Stated bare its citizens from coming to Haiti.

2) Even if countries like US would aloow its citizens to visit Haiti, the Haitian government would have to provide a much better security, build 5 stars hotels, have a workable communication system so tourists can comunicate with their love one in case of emergencies, there should be a much better functioning health system in case tourists would need assistance care, there should be a lot of work done to prepare the tourist sites in Haiti, the streets must be clean because you don't want tourist to walk on pile of garbage and in stinken bud, etc....

now, ask yourself this question, can you, personally, get all of these infrastructures in place?

It is time that Haitians stop living in a fantasy land or living out of space, and be for real. Haitian need to start thinking in a more practical and realistic manner instead of thinking on the surface with no substance.

Tourism is a very demanding industry, which requires more than meet the eye, and having a fleet of boat will just not going to cut it.

Now you can go on and on talking and saying all you to, but that is how it works and there is no "ifs and buts."

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Execellent move Mr Preval!

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