Sebastian, sebastian, sebastian, Di you read what you wrote...

Tba - January 8 2009, 9:05 AM

sebastian, sebastian, sebastian,

Di you read what you wrote over again before you posted it on the blog?

I don't think you did because if you did, you would have realized how ridiculous, idiotic you sounded.

And frankly you mak me laugh my pant off.

You said: "Lionnel said "IF that was true we should be glad".Do you understand the IF it is hypothetical.

And I answered that I agree with him. All Haitians should be glad IF the US wanted to make us like Puerto Rico.

God, I despise cowards, liars and demagogues" (Sebastian).

Correction: Sebastian, don't you think you look more like a coward, a liar, and a demagogue?

You and Louinel are among many who are looking for US to take Haiti over and fix it for us instead of us taking the respensibility to fix our own country.

Aren't you siting in US talking demagogy instead of being in Haiti to do what it's needed to get our country out this mess it is in?

Walking away from our responsibility vis-a-vis Haiti, but instead looking for US to fix it for us is coward.

Think where you and Louinel are in this equation.

For me, I have been involved in Haiti since 1995 trying to make life better to a lot of people, so I talk the talk and walk the walk. I am encouraging the people to wait for US to fix Haiti for them like you, Louinel and others are doing, about that?

You said: "Therefore people like Tiba should cut the crap with "Haiti cheri pi bel peyi pase ou nan point"

Correction: You want me to stop singing "Haiti cheri pi bel peyi pase ou nan pwen", and yet, you accusing me for not having Dessalines pride?

Do you think the reason for me singing "Haiti cheri pi bel peyi pase ou nan pwen", it's because I am filled with Dessalines pride, why otherwise would I keep singing it?

Sebastian why are you so ashamed to sing "Haiti cheri pi bel peyi pase ou nan pwen?" It is because you don't want your American friend know that you are from Haiti?

Hence, they know where you from the very second you opened your mouth.

Sebastian, louinel and others, I you all to get it in your heads that talking trash is not going to fix Haiti, and looking for miracles like US is going to fix Haiti for us. Fixing Haiti lies purely on us, Haitians.

To begin with, we need to wake up from all of these fantasy dreams we're having.

We need get back to reality and stop living out of space.

We need to learn how to do things, and think more maturely in order to get our country, Haiti, out of the dark hole it is in.

We, Haitians, are the only ones who can save Haiti, and NOT US, Canada, French, etc...US can care less whether Haiti lives or dies. Got it?

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I'll make the point for you again maybe this time...


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