Sebastian I'm done reasoning with you! My naturalized US...

Tba - January 8 2009, 3:51 PM


I'm done reasoning with you!

My naturalized US citizenship is not THE topic/issue at hand. You are so ashamed therfore you disassociated yourself from Haiti/Haitians.

You are detached from Haiti, and Haitian is not written on your forhead, so you said, and yet you are on the blog rambling and blowing hot air as if you care so much about what's going on in Haiti.

Go figure!

I hope you are not jealous of me for doing something for my hometown?

I am in touch with reality enough to acknowledge that I cannot fix the whole country, and I never claimed doing that either, but what I am doing in my hometown is working very well for everyone in that community.

I am not looking for a cookie, or glory, or a pat on the back either.

I am just trying to do what I can for my people, for the town where I was born in and grew up in. Is that so bad?

It is true that I am a US citizen, but I am Haitian and always will be till I die. Everybody has different reasons for becoming naturalized US citizens.

One thing for sure though, I did not become a US citizen because I was too ashamed of being Haitian as it was your only reason for becoming a US citizen.

Since we are on the subject, let me remind you that your US citizenship will get revoked and get your but back to Haiti where you came from if you ever commit a crime in the US. I thought I would tell you this so you can keep your nose clean and don't get over your head too much like you start doing now.

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