Bravo Frenchy! who cares? haitian never care about what...

Ritha - January 12 2009, 10:44 PM

bravo Frenchy! who cares?

haitian never care about what Frenchy! Frenchy! agressors! thought.

Remember, la bataille de Vertiere.

We will never speak French because we are hebrews and proud to not be a white criminal...

and stealer of cultural and religion in Africa and steler of people goods everywhere in the world.

We had never care about your French! Stay away from us. whitey chicken criminal.You shoul be ashamed to come to our blogs.

But people like you are animal.

Is it your ancestor that classed humans as Animal?

my ancestorsalways taught us that we are humans and got a spirit and in our cultural background we got a well rich history unlikeyou...

too much for your limited brain for now..


that's your name lol...

Response to:

Alors Tiba, Tiba, Tiba!Maudit connard Tu m'as pas...


Haitians do not speak french

The biggest challenge of the haitians niggers and the so called dirty light skins who called themselves mulattoes is...

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