The mistreatment of Haitians by American Airline didn't just...

Tba - January 16 2009, 10:02 PM

The mistreatment of Haitians by American Airline didn't just start yesterday, or last month, nor last year. This has been going on for a very longtime now. Haitian government is very well aware of it but doesn't care one bit about it, in fact, the government is pretty happy with it.

American is more powerful than the Haitian government or anyone else in Haiti.

American Airline dictates the government in what to do. Therefore do not look for the government to demand American Airline to change its treatment practices.

The sad thing about this whole thing is us, Haitians citizens.

WE the only ones with the power to bring American Airline down to its knees and beg us for mercy, unfortunately, we, Haitians, do not have the stomach to go against the master.

There is something called "BOYCOTT", which is the most effective weapon to our disposal to make American Airline beg for mercy.

Would Haitians agree to boycott the airline, meaning NOT to travel to Haiti for, let say, 3 months?

No, I don't think so.

But if American Airline was a Haitian owned airline, it wouldn't last one week. This is to prove our strong and powerful slave mentality.

We would go out of our way to find all kind of reasons why we cannot boycott American Airline because we are so afraid of the master.

Preval is a weak man and a weak government with no shame who will not take a stand for his people, and we, Haitians are not any better.

We are terrified of the white man to stand up to American Airline.

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