Here's My Bold Advice to you Rene Preval!!!!!

Tba - January 17 2009, 8:59 AM

Lord have Mercy! who would think in a million years that I would get to this point of "giving advice to Preval?"

Rene Preval, I hope you see this or one of your demented brain dead cronies sees this and tells you about it.

I hope you have some back bones to stand up and resist US, Canada, French, and the rest of your master's pressure and do exactly what I am about to tell you. I think we, Haitians, have come to the point to say "enough is enough" of your incompetence and mediocrity and the time has come for you to turn the low dry tide of our country around once and for all.

"Extreme situations call for extreme measures!"

1) As unpopular as it may sound, I demand that you anul/ban the constitution pronto, right now, in order to make it easy for you to make all the necessary changes that our country needs so desperately.

2) Since the constipation, oops! sorry, the constitution is no longer active, it would be your chance to, by decree, acknowledge all Haitian diaspora as Haitian citizens by granting "dual citizenship" to ALL.

3) That will allow you to get "Rid of the Prime Minister post," which constitutes more confusion and a road block to the advancement of the country then helping.

The Haitian political landscape doesn't call for a prime minister, never has, maybe having a "Vice President" would be more appropriate.

4) Call for a new constitution to be drafted/written within 6 months to a year. This new constitution should recognize "dual citizenship," ban the post of Prime Minister for good, but perhaps create a post of "Vice President."

5) You will have no choice but to govern by "Decree" for the remaining of your term in order to get things done.

6) Repeal (Bring back) the "Death Penality" to send a clear and strong message to the Kidnapping Industry and to all violent criminals that their actions will no longer be tolerated.

If you have any bones left on your back, you would take these bold steps NOW in order to save our country and the Haitian people.

It is time that you realize the International Community doesn't have the best interest of Haiti at heart and the US, Canada, and France can care less whether Haiti dies or lives.

We, Haitians, care deeply whether Haiti lives or dies, therefore, it is time that you STOP LISTENING to their malicious advice they are giving you.

For Haiti's sakes, it's time that you START LISTENING to Haitian natives because Haiti belongs to us and WE know what we want and we're the only ones who know what's good for our country, Haiti.

You can call it "National Rescue Mission" (NRM).

This has been my advice to you!

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Linda says...

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