Hi Tiba. I am surprise to see that you are still trying to...

Linda - January 17 2009, 1:02 PM

Hi Tiba. I am surprise to see that you are still trying to reason with this individual.

I am even more surprise to see that you believe that this man actually has any intention of actually doing something to make Haiti better.

It would be really nice if Preval was talking about changing the constitution because he cared about Haiti and Haitians in the Diaspora.

However, the only reason Preval is interested in changing the constitution is because his term is almost over and he wants to find a legal way to remain in power.

Duvalier pulled that stunt, and we should not let this degenerate, spineless, ignorant pretend-president do the same. Our only hope now is that with Obama in office, whoever is pulling Preval's strings will be neutralized.

I do believe that President Obama is very aware of Haiti.

As for Preval, he is enjoying getting all the perks of being president, so his goal is to hang on at all cost.


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