Klaus That was very clever of you to come on here and write...

Tba - January 18 2009, 9:08 AM


That was very clever of you to come on here and write that garbage demanding the release of your master expecting a support reaction from everybody on the blog once they hear the name of "Delva," a journalist.

Well that tactic will work only with those who are brain dead, demented, but NOT with those capable of critical thinking.

You, people, the so called journalist, sure dragged the noble profession of journalism to the lowest of the low in Haiti.

You, moron, don't understand the limitation of journalism, being a journalist is not a card blanche to do whatever you please as you see fit.

Journalism is about reporting the news as it happens while it's happenning and where it happens.

This Delva guy was not doing that at the time of his arrest.

Delva got arrested purely and simply for reasons that he had no business poking his nose into on his own time by his own arrogance as a foreigner.

Furthermore, why this foreigner (Delva) is the head of the so-called "Haitian Press" is behind me.

It always amazes me watching every time a so-called journalist gets arrested in Haiti for whatever reasons the sky turns loose as if these people are emmuned from prosecution?

The so-called Haitian journalists play a major role in bringing Haiti to where the country is today.

The so-called Haitian journalist have never been friendly to their country, Haiti, and probably never will.

This noble profession has turned to the most disgraceful mercenary bunch who sold their souls to the devil to the detriment of their own country and their own fellow countrymen by taking bribes and big sum of monies from the elite, Andre Apaid and others, from political parties, and visas from US embassy in P-A-P and other embassies to fuil/stear up chaos, havoc, instability in their own country in their reporting.

Everything they report is a lie and pure fabrication.

As far as I am concerned, the entire Haitian Press Corps should go to jail for treason, prosecuted to the full extent of the law and condemned to death row.


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