Rintintin I think you are the one missing the point here...

Tba - January 21 2009, 10:46 AM


I think you are the one missing the point here perhaps you don't understand the role of a reporter.

Why don't you tell us first the reasons why Delva got arrested.

I am so sick and tired of you people, brain dead unable to critical thinking.

Just beacuse someone is a journalist/reporter doesn't mean that person has "crarte Blanche" to say and do as he/she pleases whenever and wherever he/she sees fit.

Guyler Delva did not get arrested while reporting the news nor for reporting the news. Delval got arrested on his own time while doing something that he had no business doing.

Just so you know, there are journalist, Tv. commentators, and Tv. interviewers.

For example, Tom Brokow is a journalist, which means he must report the news as it is happenning and when and where it is happening and cannot get arrested for that regardless the government likes it or tnot.

Bill O'Rally is a tv commentator and can get arrested and prosecuted for something he might say or do on the air.

Larry King is a Tv. interviewer and can get arrested and prosecuted for saying something he should not have said on the air.

Remember Dan Rather from CBS. He did not get arrested, but if George Bush wanted to he could have suid him and CBS.

For example, Guyler Delva couldn't not, would not and cannot get arrested for reporting a demonstration while it is happenning on the streets of P-A-P, but he can get arrested and prosecuted for participating in a demonstration that is turned violent if he was one of the people started the violence.

Among all of the Haitian radio personalities in the US and in Haiti as well, only a very few of them are journalists.

To be a journalist you must go to journalism school to get a journalism degree and trained for it.

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