a new era is dawn on us sign of the times

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Let me express my thanks to the our ansestors who fought many years ago to end eslavery and to Martin Luther King Jr. with the guiding hand of god to write this great speech"I Have A Dream"finally we have a multi racial ethnic president that understand the world humanitarian policy.

Haiti is well place for future growth and development, we are as a nation of many youth and old alike we need to advance in the direction of reconstruction general of our belief, moral value and humanitarian sensibility.

Today, Haiti need a new approche to foreing policy through his dispora around the world our goverment need to adopt a new policy on dual citizenship its is a must in order to advance toward progress.

Our intelectual resources are leaving abroad we need to capitalize on what we have has a nation as a whole not as a nation living only in Haiti.

The international influence we have around the world is strong.The workforce experiences can push Haiti tenfold in the next melenium.

Failure to comply will jeopardise the push for progress and our nation will fall into depest economic turmoil and the promise of new Haiti will fail. Through union between political parties we can overcome the hardship of failure.

We need to implemant two system of political parties democrate and republican, we need to have all election at the same time, we need a two terms goverment, we need upgrade the technology of our embassy around the world, we need to encourage the dispora to get involve in the political process of the country, we need to share the same belief that all Haiti is created equal.

Through hard work and sacrifice each of us can bring stability to the economic and the tourism industry will start flourish economic stability to all region of the country.

Today Haiti need the support of each the 2 million of citizen living around the world, yes we did 200 years ago, yes we can with one voice and one push we can move Haiti to be like our sister country Dominican Republic.

Our government should work smart by placing program that can endure opportunity for people with $5 to invest and those million dollar to invest.

Workforce program for young men and women, early education program that promote school achivement in low-income area, adult literacy program should be a requirement for all working adult, examine factors that create project that focus on other areas of development such as mom and pap micro loan accross the board.

Work sturdy program for adult between the age 17 to 27 and single parents.

These programsbe should done by community action program, promoting beautification of neighborhood by locals agencies and organizations.

Each of us hopes that by dispersing our finding to the local community we inch closer to our overarching goal of improving the Haiti we always dream about to become.

Samuel Frederique, January 22 2009, 5:04 PM

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