Support for privatizations

Haitimoderndreamer - January 23 2009, 7:12 AM

Preval government is a corrupting government keep pushing the country backward if they can privatize the country electricity, port authority, and teleco this would be a plus for the country.

If they can privatise this sectors we would have a better chance for citizens of Haiti have better service 24/7 electricity that's what we need modern transportation, security, school, hospital, and respect from other nations.

Hey admistrator of this website post my blog on your homepage for other haitians who love Haiti like me to see it.

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Tba says...

Haiti, You have missed the boat a longtime ago. Teleco and many other government enterprises in Haiti got sold to... more »

Haitimoderndreamer says...

Who are these private sectors? What kind of deal the Haitian governments have with them why people in Haiti still... more »

Tba says...

Haitimo I only gave you some of the information that you did not know about. If you want to know about those private... more »

Haitimoderndreamer says...

I wish I could ask Preval directly, that would be a big relief anyway I don't know if that was a personal attack way... more »

Tba says...

Haiti No it was not an attack by any means. I heartedly agree with you on the "diplomacy." Sadly to say that Haitians... more »