Haiti, You have missed the boat a longtime ago. Teleco and...

Tba - January 23 2009, 8:16 AM


You have missed the boat a longtime ago. Teleco and many other government enterprises in Haiti got sold to foreign investers a longtime ago. The Haitian government barely own anything anymore.

Unfortunately, all of these enterprises have been sitting there, closed, non-operational, because of the economic sanction imposed on Haiti those foreign investers cannot run them. No foreign investor is allowed to do business in Haiti, which makes the elite extremely happy because that allow them to hold their grip on Haiti's wealth forever.

I don't know if you really understanding the meaning of "economic sanction" and its grave effect on a country.

Yes, I agree without a doubt the incompetence and the mediocrity of the Haitian government constitutes a huge negative effect on the state of Haiti, but the other big part that, and perhaps the main key element that plague Haiti, is the economic sanction.


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