want to slap Preval in the face

Haitimoderndreamer - January 23 2009, 2:34 PM

This is crazy the Preval run our country Haiti has highest grade in everything negatives corruptions, drugs traffic, kidnappings 205 years that's enough stop these bulls*ts lets fix the country so all Haitians again can proudly to they're Haitians.

Are these motherFuc*kers ever travel to see how other countries function.

Sorry for the profanity I'm just pissed off with what's going on with my country right now.

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Linda says...

Welcome to the club Haitimo; Most honest Haitians feel exactly the same way you do. However, you'll be surprise by how... more »

Haitimoderndreamer says...

I don't follow haitian politics until now, Preval and Aristide have been in power since early 90s can anybody tell me... more »

Tba says...

Haiti This is the sentiment that is been reasonating in all Haitians' minds and souls across this world... more »