Haiti This is the sentiment that is been reasonating in all...

Tba - January 24 2009, 10:25 AM


This is the sentiment that is been reasonating in all Haitians' minds and souls across this world.

Unfortunately, those in power including the elite have written a constitution that is very exclusive to benefit only them while keeping the great mind Haitians in the diaspora out of Haitian politics.

Those Haitians in the diaspora with the intelligence, the competence, wisdom and the know-how who could and would be able to move the country toward progress, are baned from participating in Haitian politics because the "Constipation" oops! the Haiti constitution doesn't acknowledge dual citizenship.

You cannot be anything in Haiti nor participating in Haitian politics unless you are 150% Haitian natif natal.

And this is part of Haiti's problems.

Those same brain dead, old and tired senior citizens who are running the country keep getting reelected over and over again.

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I don't follow haitian politics until now, Preval and...


want to slap Preval in the face

This is crazy the Preval run our country Haiti has highest grade in everything negatives corruptions, drugs traffic...

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