Dear Max; let me add something to your very well written...

Linda - January 27 2009, 2:29 PM

Dear Max; let me add something to your very well written report card, because I would not give this government 5/10 like you did. My score would be a -2/10.

Haiti has a Population of 8,924,553, yet 80% of that population is living under the poverty line. The amount of land that is being use for permanent crops is less than 9.53% (this is with 3.6 million of the population at the working age, who could be working the land) and the amount of fresh water withdrawn for consumption (the amount of water available for drinking and stuff) by population is 0.99 cu km/yr (less than 1% of what could be made available from natural sources).

The infant mortality rate is 62.33 deaths to every 1,000 live births.

The literacy rate for the total population is 52.9% (most of those are just able to read, not really reading at the adult age).

I wont even go into the environment, electricity, or the Diaspora.


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