Tiba, I hate that I have to be on the opposite side of you on...

Linda - January 29 2009, 8:37 AM

Tiba, I hate that I have to be on the opposite side of you on this argument, but as you know from blogging with me all this time, I am a pretty pragmatic person, and if an argument is flawed, I will not stand with it. This is one of those rare times when your argument is flawed.

You said, "This is the United States of America, this is not Haiti where there are no opportunities.

Here in the United States, anyone can get an education, and a free education.All you need is the will to go to school."

The problem is that your statement implies that all who blog on this site are living in the US. The fact is that this blog is read by people in various countries.

We have bloggers who still live in Haiti; we've had some who live in France, the DR, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. We even had several bloggers who live in the Bahamas and in Canada.

Those are only the ones I can remember.

So, a blogger who grew up in Mexico would have a horrible time trying to communicate with us in English.

That blogger's effort should be welcomed, not criticized or chastised.

On last point; Do you remember that blogger who criticized you for not being able to write French properly.

I told him the same thing that I am saying to you now. It is not about how perfect our writing is; it is about keeping the line of communications open. I personally know that although because we only spoke French at home when I was a child, I speak French fluently...however, because I grew-up in the US, I write French very poorly (interestingly enough I can spot grammar errors that other people make when writing French, but I cannot safely write it myself).

The point I'm making is that, because many Haitians live outside of Haiti, and because our Haitian population in Haiti is so undereducated, if we were to only want people on this blog who could write perfect English or French neither you nor I would qualify.

Stay well my blogger friend.

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