Linda, I say "Amen e Insiswatil" for that well written piece...

Tiba - February 4 2009, 6:19 PM


I say "Amen e Insiswatil" for that well written piece.

It is unfortunate that this blog doesn't offer a "private corner" to bloggers to exchange personal information with other bloggers.

We could have exchange personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers so we could stay in touch and work on a possibility to meet in person.

Personally, I live in upstate New York and there isn't a large Haitian community here in all of that snow and better cold. Today the temperature was only 16 degrees and the sun was out, which made it even colder.

Last week we hit 20 degrees below zero.

Linda, I really wanted to believe and put a little faith on the business investment plan put forth by the "Haitian Chamber of Commerce" in Miami, I really do. However, reading between the lines through the use of critical thinking concept, I can help but to see it for what it is a bunch of "mambo jumbo voodoo economic." Knowing my Haitian people, this plan will never get off ground, and if it does, it will never be successful.

Where do I get this vision from, you may ask. It is simple, US will be in charge and running it. It has been sometime now since US has offered the little pocket change $2 million for this initiative and nothing is happening yet.

Furthermore, how this so-called "Haitian Chamber of Commerce" in Miami is going to implement this plan without the involvement of the Haitian government?

For this plan to have any positive long-term effect, the government has to put some infrastructures in place and the 2 main ones are: uninterrupted 24/7 electricity and a good sound communication system.

Business is no longer conducted with "lamp tet gridap e bwapin" anymore in this modern world.

My family called me today from Haiti 3 times from 3 different phones and still could not understand squat they were telling me because of extreme bad and poor reception.

I really have a hard time understanding the way Haitians operate and function in the new technology age of this 21 century.

Don't Haitians understand there must be foundations built before the execution of any plans?

What do they always want start everything from top to the bottom instead of from bottom up, is beyond me.

The execution of any sustainable business investment, it requires first and foremost a well sound communication system and a electricity that is operating 24/7 around the entire country or at least in the whole city of P-A-P, Cap-Haitian, etc...

I don't see the chance of anything growing in Haiti without these 2 indispensable commodities.

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Tiba, sometimes I wish that I could meet some of the...


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