Character assassination

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I just read a story about Barack Obama.

His opponents claimed he went to a radical islamic school while he lived in Indonesia.

That information was on fox news channels, But CNN and other prominent news networks who investigated the story found it to be false.

Character assassination is wrong but in politics you have to expect it. Not everybody is cut out for politics, because your opponents will attack you ruthlessly.

Their goal is to make you look bad in the eyes of voters, in fact politic is controversial by nature.

There's really no way to escape accusations if you're in politics.

We live in free societies, therefore you can't really stop anyone from making accusations.

Malik Deschamps, January 29 2007, 5:23 PM

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You right some peole built for and some just can't make the cut. Borack is a very charismatic guy but eveything seem... read more >
Jean Batiste, 29-Jan-07 5:28 pm
I can always take them to court. Once their statement starts being costly to them, they will investigate more before... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 29-Jan-07 5:50 pm
Well the thing is in politics your oppenents usually don't care whether a story is true. They know a rumor though... read more >
Malik Deschamps, 29-Jan-07 11:49 pm
We must teach our people to take responsibility for their actions, otherwise anarchy would reign. Once you are... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 30-Jan-07 8:51 am
Solodieu, This one is not gearing toward you at all. I remember when Aristide was campaigning in 1990 in Port de Paix... read more >
Jean Batiste, 30-Jan-07 10:32 am
It.s great that you guys can found facinating the American politic, but I 'll urge you to look into our own politic... read more >
Robert P. Toussaint, 30-Jan-07 11:18 am
We are all focusing on Haiti but it doesn't mean we can't talk about what's going in the US also because what happen... read more >
Jean Batiste, 30-Jan-07 11:54 am
From my recollection, I have known Borack for over 15 years six of which as my alderman in Chicago. This country is... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 30-Jan-07 12:19 pm
Like I said before Borack and Hilary are just wasting there time but I would vote for him don't get me wrong. You have... read more >
Jean Batiste, 30-Jan-07 1:05 pm
I want to be clear I am not promoting Preval,because, I have yet to understand what he is doing. However,I can tell... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 30-Jan-07 1:49 pm
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