Don't claim any superstar that do not want to reveil their...

Rita - March 17 2009, 9:26 AM

don't claim any superstar that do not want to reveil their identity.

sometimes their parents are victims of violence from the other party and only one party have to work hard for his or her success.

as haitian we are really live in a different world.

In my job It's a pleasure for me to say that i'm come from the country side and one of my boss tease me for saying my family used donkey not a children may not want tosay that they are of the reason that we went to haiti anf we were almost get kill on of them was only 5 years old. however I already have a plan to convince then by going back to haiti and make then come for visit when they got older.

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There is no doubt that everybody knows Jimmy...



les valeurs haitiennes dans le monde voici une liste des haitiens superstars dans le monde. Jimmy Jean-Louis Jimmy...

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Rita, Can you please stop the nonsense? Let assume...

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