I looked at your work on holistic approach and I have to admit...

Jean-esdrace Germain Charles - April 2 2009, 2:20 PM

I looked at your work on holistic approach and I have to admit that it is a great work, chapo ba pou ou Gera. I think the United States of america can use these lines to solve the crisis in America.

Therefore I have a few problems understanding the applicability factors involving holitistic approach in a country like Haiti.

A hoslitic approach is a good idea to resolve an economic crisis in a country like the USA, Great Britain, China, France perhaps and some other self-viable countries.

Because this approach works best as a recovery process where everything has already pre-existed but it might not necessary work for a beginner such as Haiti.

I did not say it is not a good approach, I am insinuating that Haiti at the point to undertake this economic challenge as the United States could.

Let's put it plain and simple, a holistic approach may work best in a country that can afford it as opposed to a country like Haiti.

Haiti cannot afford a real holistic approach because we do not have the money nor the pre-existing conditions to support and maintain such a major enteprise.

If I were your advisor, I would suggest that you look at holistic approach as a goal rather than an initial starting point in Haiti.

Before we can even look at a real holistic approach, Haiti, besides promoting tourism, needs to get to a point of establishing an indutrial revolution first and foremost.

The best way that I see a holitic approach can begin in Haiti is to set the country up for an Industrial Revolution with the help of the international sector in that focus.

But Haiti must begin on its own rather than looking up to the international community for everything.

The plan that I am promoting for Haiti is to be aware of our renewable resources and present economic circumstances, then explore possibilities to gain economic dependency from international aids.

I would not like to see haitian politicians to move into office with a plan that they cannot back up themselves.

If we have the right plan and the right drive, the international community will ride along.

Peace and Respect

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