Haitians currently use the ethnonym "Latin" rather than...

Jean-esdrace Germain Charles - April 2 2009, 3:04 PM

Haitians currently use the ethnonym "Latin" rather than "latino" in terms of the origin of the spoken languages, French and Creole, in the academic arena.

Notice how I use the terms: Latin country, not Latino.

It is Very Important that someone makes the difference between the two words so there is no confusion.

I believe that "Latino' refers to Hispanic descents, those that are from hispanaic cultures no matter what race or origin they may be.

Therefore, if someone wants to refer to haitians in that sense, the only applicable term that makes sense would be" The Latins".

Let's put it plain and simple, Haitians are "Latins" not "Latinos".

When it comes to the negative sides of the haitian people, their arrogance...

I think we all are aware of the problems that we have as a community.

The main issue here is for you to join, come along and propose a workable solution in Haiti so they can stop being the poorest country in the hemisphere.

They need to get back to being the "Perle-des-Antilles" that they used to be three and half centuries ago. I believe it can be done and it must be done whether Haiti is considered as a Latin country or not.

Peace and Respect

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