Jean Why can't every participant in this blog exchange ideas...

Gera Bougui - April 2 2009, 4:08 PM

Why can't every participant in this blog exchange ideas like you and I. Why do they keep on perpetuating mutual attacks on personality.

Every time I try to reason logically with most of them, I get labeled.

Well, to address your apprehensions, My perception of a holistic approach is indeed presented as a goal, a strategy.

To get the full scope of the action plan, it is imperative that you appreciate the book or the CD in its entirety.

One passage of your comments signals some kind of reference to an unspoken project to promote my candidacy to an elected office.

I could be wrong about that.

However if I am right, I am saying this to the world I have no desire, plan, or project to run for any elected office in Haiti.

I lost my Haitian nationality, and I intend, as a man, to live with the consequences brought about by my decision to adopt the nationality of another country.

My parents said that's what they all said until they publicly declare their candidacy, but I mean what I say, and I think all real Haitians should respect, unless it is amended, the constitution of our country, as impracticable as it may appear to be, Jean.

We have the human resources to carry out the action plan of such a Holistic approach but we collectively keep on requesting foreigners to intervene in our brotherly discord after we chastise one side or the other.

I would like to give you the content of the CD for further discussions because I appreciate your rather respectful way of making exchanges with me, considering that I found you on this blog.However, I would have to buy it from one of the vendors and Mail it to you because I already gave the courtesy copies to friends and relatives.

Lastly, I understand your inability to better elaborate based on the fact that you do not have the book or the CD.

Thank you for your well thought words, and thank you for respectfully and intellectually disagreeing.

Gera Bougui

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