When you were growing up and went to school, if you have gone...

Wilgeens Rosenberg - April 3 2009, 4:19 PM

When you were growing up and went to school, if you have gone to school that is...

Did you read and learn from the books that everyone else did?

If so, you too have already been educated by what you refer to as "The White Man".

So, pretty much all you are saying is that anything you know is basically a White man's knowledge which is a contradiction in itself for even yourself.

Since it is proven that you are such a selective reader and missed the part where I said: "Even Wikipedia can help you" not that I say it was the best means.

That is why I said "even" before hand you idiot.

However, from the geography books in Haiti it even state that Haiti is a Latin-American Country and yes, Haitians are Latinos by most sense and definition of the word except the fact that Haitians do not speak spanish, but because Haitians speak Creole and which is a dialect that consist of 75% french and French which is a language derived from Latin.

Your Nationality is Haitian because you are from an Independent Sovereign Estate, Republic or Nation called "Haiti".

Your Ethnicity is Latino or AfroLatino (To give recognition to your African root) Much like you find it is so in Brazil for black Brazilians who also were black slaves from west Africa just like Haitians were African slave imported from West Africa as well and those black Brazilians refer to themselves as such "AfroLatino" and because Portuguese is one of these languages of romance that derive from Latin.

Much like in North America (USA) there is AfroAmerican.

Your Race is Black or Colored...

as if you've ever studied geopraphy or History you know there is the White race, Black race, Yellow Race and the Red race.

By the way most Haitians do not even know the differences between when they ask them about their nationality, ethnicity or race. Saying you are Haitian only means youa re telling me of your nationality and not your ethnicity.

Saying that you are African which is what your ancestral background is and not your race. Take note or into consideration I did not ask you for neither your race, nationality or ancestral background.

The question is: What is the Ehtnicity of a Haitian?

Remember my friend, being stubborn is not a subtitute for ignorance.

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