Haiti : SOS aux HAITIENS Pays Vendu en Cachette

Lionne - April 14 2009, 9:28 PM

Preval is selling out Haiti: This company is gaining more land and consessions as we speak.

Gold instead of petroleum will back up the American currency again.

All the world powers are trying to get more gold while Haiti is giving its economic future away for pennies on the dollar due to give aways behind close doors.

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EMX's establishment of an exploration program in early 2006 and the acquisition of the La Miel and La Mine gold properties.

The Treuil copper property was acquired in 2007. EMX's exploration successes on these properties led to the establishment in 2008 of a Joint Venture and Regional Strategic Alliance (the "Agreement") with Newmont Ventures Limited ("Newmont") for exploration in the Republic of Haiti.

The Agreement includes a private placement, a joint venture on the La Miel gold project, and a regional strategic exploration alliance that covers northern Haiti.

EMX's programs in Haiti gained further momentum later 2008, with the acquisition of the 27 additional exploration licenses, including the historic Meme copper-gold mine. This property package, in combination with EMX's previous license awards, gives the Company a commanding land position along 130 kilometers of strike length in an emerging new gold belt. EMX's exploration land holdings now total 281,858 hectares, and cover approximately half of the Massif du Nord metallogenic belt in Haiti.

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Haiti : SOS aux HAITIENS Pays Vendu en Cachette

"Des antinationaux au pouvoir d'Haiti! Le pays est vendu; Il faut des braves pour tirer de leurs griffes notre pays...

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