Linda, I applaud you in that effort and let me know if there...

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I applaud you in that effort and let me know if there is anything I can do. I think this is a very good initiative that you should propably take to all the Haitian airways (Radio & television) all over US to mobilize Haitians diaspora in that effort.

It seems as thought the more I think about your "Law Suit" initiative to remove Preval and his entire mercenary government out of power is the more I like it.

I cannot understand how could Haitians stand by arm crossed and watch Preval dragging Haiti down the toilet with him right before their eyes and not doing something to stop it.

Why do Haitians give up on their homeland while admiring foreign lands?

Since my return from Haiti Friday 4/10, I have been very sick to the point that I was taking to the emergency Monday 4/13 (no exageration).


because I personalized the long standing deplorable condition that I saw in my country.

The rampant poverty, the misery, the despair, the humiliation, and the begging as a way to survive had brought a lot of anger, rage, frustration, and resentment in me, and caused my blood pressure to go up to the roof.

I still have nightmares when I go to bed since my return.

Since the role of a government is to "Serve and to Protect", I kept asking myself if there is a government in Haiti?

Is it possible that Woodring is spying for Preval?

Tiba, April 15 2009, 8:39 AM

Topic: Another bloody protest is needed in Haiti!

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