If you take this announcement as big NEWS for Haiti, well, it...

Tiba - April 16 2009, 7:53 AM

If you take this announcement as big NEWS for Haiti, well, it is Not to me.

The master is going to Haiti to offer a little charity if Preval and company, once again, well behaved.

In fact, master Hillary Clinton has already promised a $50 million to uncle Tom Preval and his entire mercenary government for which they were very grateful.

Preval and company were smiling when master Clinton made that announcement because they know full real that the $50 million will go straight to Suisse Bank and other banks without stopping in Haiti.

Preval and company ended up drinking themselves silly that night in celebration.

That's how they thank the master every time the master gave them a little allowance.

Almost every day you hear about some groups from the master's world such as: Bank International of Development (BID), International Monetary Funds (IMF), and many different Foreign Investors, meeting either in Haiti, or meeting somewhere in Washington, or in New York, or in Canada, or in France, to decide on the fate of Haiti, the uncle Tom nation, and up till this day nothing never come out of any of these grandiose meetings.

Should that make you wonder?

Think People!

You have a government in Haiti that came to power with the sole purpose to hold meetings 24/7 with the master, which led me to believe that Haiti's government has more meetings than Washington and Vatican combined, and nothing productive never come out of any of these meeting that benefits Haiti.

Though it appears to me that the uncle Tom, Preval and company, is under order to furnish a daily or weekly report to the master as a way to get further instructions from the lords on how to destroy Haiti faster.

And he is too dumb, too stupid, and too scared to say no to his master.

He is drunk half of the time anyway to know what's going on around him.

In so many words, this is what you usually get when you keep electing drunk, crack heads, and drug trafficants into public office especially in a country like Haiti..

Haiti is really doomed to anything!


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