Hatians: Grillo Pork Eaters Swine Flu is Here

The Avenger - April 27 2009, 6:06 PM

What the CDC has said is:If the pork meat has been cooked properly, then humans should not get the flu through that portal;I suggest that Haitian people stay away from pork meat and pork products like ham for a while.This flu has been transferred from humans who had contacts with pigs, and it is being transferred from humans to humans.

Numerous people have died in Mexico.

Churches, football games, even court sessions have been canceled.

Stay away from movie theaters and avoid people who are coughing it might be very dangerous to your health.Warn all your people specially those who have a few pigs in their backyards or farms.

To all you "grillo" lovers, The pigs are having their revenge!
Swine Flu - Closed Captioned

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The Avenger says...

This is from the previous post. About Swine Flu, Here is the video about how and why we have virus outbreaks: more »

The Avenger says...

Un type nouveau de grippe porcine: click: En Francais Grippe porcine, la hantise d'une pandemie: Le Mexique et les... more »